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Harvard Student

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"In just two months, my SAT World History Subject Test score  went from 480/800 to 800."-Sharon', Harvard University.

Princeton University Student

"I went from a 2030/2400 to 2310/2400 on the SAT in 5 easy lessons".

"-Max, Roslyn High School


University of Pennsylvania Student

" I got a 5 out of 5 in the AP US History Exam with Philip's help, even though Trinity does not have an AP Class. And I just got accepted to the University of Pennsylvania. "- Sophie,Manhattan

University of Chicago & Duke Students


"I just got into the University of Chicago with a 12/12 on the SAT Essay. Thanks Philip's."   -Christine, New Hyde Park

"I was accepted at Duke, early decision. My SAT Reading went from 620/800 to 750/800."

 -Amanda, Roslyn

Harvard Student

"My mother said to  tell you I got into Harvard with a full scholarship." - former 2nd grade ESL student, Oceanside

Dartmouth bound: 800 out of 800 in SAT Reading Comprehension

"Thanks partly to Philip's with me,I got an 800 out of 800 in SAT Reading Comprehension and 780 out of 800 in SAT Writing. And I was accepted at Dartmouth.." -Phillip, Manhasset High School, Manhasset

4 Year M.I.T. Scholarship

"After a short Philip's SAT class, I was accepted at M.I.T. with a full-four year scholarship."-Daniel, Manhasset, "SAT Essay improved from 9 to 11 out of 12 in a short time."

Very helpful, prompt response, flexible in his time, enthusiastic and skillful. Has helped my son increase his essay score from 9 to 11 out of 12 in a short time.  

88 g.p.a. student : in 2 lessons went up 140 points in SAT Reading; 130 points in SAT Writing. It can be done.

After only 2 lessons of PhiIip's help, I went from 610/800 SAT Reading Comprehension  to 750/800 and from 590/800 to 720/800 on SAT Writing. And I only have an 88 grade point average!"- David, Great Neck South High School, Great Neckck to add text, images, and other content "Very Experienced History Tutor"

My daughter had Philip help her on US History AP test prep, as her school does not have AP class. Philip knows  the subject very well, as well as test skills. He is a rare find, and he is a keeper. We will go back to him. My daughter got a 5 out of 5 in US History AP. Thank you very much, Philip. "Helpful" Review Comments on SAT Essay

"My son had an English tutor last year (10th grade) exclusively for Essays (every week during his school days) and he try to follow his guidelines - It seems, it did not help him much with respect to review comments we received from you. He is a great tutor who provided good strategies to take the SAT exams and also provided very helpful timely tips. My son got very good marks in essay writing with his help. I highly recommend him." Testimonial:"Great Tutor"

Philip is an overall great tutor.
He has an in-depth knowledge with various literature
and has a lot of experience. He motivates students
and encourages to maximize potential.
He is an very competent SAT preparation also.
I highly recommend Philip. -Monic, Port Washington Parent

ELA success stories

"I went from a 3/4 to a 4/4 on ELA, even though the ELA got harder."- 5th grade public school student, Manhasset

"I had trouble focusing. Now I am reading 2 grades above grade level."-  4th grade public school student, Manhasset

"I was failing English. Now, I'm in the high 80s" -9th grade private school student, New Hyde Park 

NYU Early Admission after 70 point gain on Reading Comprehension in 6 weeks over summer.

"I needed to go from 580/800 to a 650/800 on Reading Comprehension in 6 weeks to get in Early Decision at NYU. I made my numbers and got in."-Louis, New York University


Another M.I.T. 4 year scholarship

"I was accepted to M.I.T. early decision with a full four year scholarship. Philip's tutoring on the SAT helped get me to a 2250 out of 2400." Jun. Bronx Science and M.I.T.

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Improved SAT scores recommendation

Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity, Creative

“Philip came to my house to help my daughter improve the scores on her SATs. He also allowed her younger brother to sit and listen in. Her overall scores did improve the next time she sat for the SAT exam. Instead of trying to cram vocabulary words and math formulas into a short lesson, Philip taught her tips on how to take standardized tests. The children were very comfortable in his presence.” -Stephen, Glen Head Parent


ACT Score went up 5 points in only 6 lessons


"I went up 5 points on the ACT in only 6 lessons." - Christine, Oyster Bay High  School



Recommendation: Scores Go Up with Philip's

Steve Levy, Bayside

, President and Founder, Pinpoint Computer Services, Inc. (business partner)
was with another company when working with you

“Scores go up with Philip's Edge Tutoring - Guaranteed! Philip Becker and his organization live by these words.Philip teaches strategies for test taking that cause breakthroughs in his students scores. There are many students that got into MIT, Harvard and Cornell and more that studied with Philip and got an edge that made a real difference. Look no further. He is the Real Deal. Highly Recommended.” May 20, 2010

Recommendation from College Counseling Pro

Seth Bykofsky, Manhasset

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“As an independent college planning counselor, I know full well the value of a superlative tutor when it comes to preparing for college entrance exams, such as the ACTs and SATs. Philip Becker truly gives students that much needed competitive edge in preparing for standardized tests, a cut above and far beyond what other tutors and commercial services offer. Personal attention, an unparalleled success rate and the skill and expertise required to help students excel is the hallmark of Phil Becker's services. I highly recommend his tutoring services to every student who has college in his or her future!” December 3, 2011

Recommendation: Class on Jewish History through the movies (Moses to Mel Brooks)

 I am writing on behalf of Mr. Phil Becker who has proven himself to
 be a prized member of my faculty for 3 years. Each week Phil brings to
 his 7th grade history class a unique curriculum from inception to
 conclusion. In between the class's 2 hour time frame, his students are
 completely engrossed in the class material and have even been known to
 continue talking about the lesson throughout their busy week.
 It is clear in every way that Phil cares enormously about his
 students and they about him. His planning is meticulous, thoughtful,
 dedicated, and requires enormous amounts of energy to prepare.
 Moreover, he has even attained the distinction of having 7th graders
 forgo family events in order not to miss his classes. Indeed, the
 parents of these students understand why this is, as they too, as
 guests, have attended a few of Phil's classes and have come away
 enlightened and enthusiastic. In fact, one parent requested that Phil
 write a high school scholarship recommendation for his son.
 It may sound as if my praise and fondness for Phil are a bit too
 fantastic-but this is not the case. He is truly all I have mentioned.
 I am thrilled to have him on my staff and recommend him highly for a
 teaching position for grades 7 and up (the material may be too
 sophisticated for children younger than 13).
 Congregation Eman"After a short Philip's SAT class, I was accepted at M.I.T. with a full-four year scholarship."-Daniel, Manhasset,ue -EL Religious School'  Frances Oelbaum, Principal, Manhattan

Accepted to both Phillips Andover and Phillips Exeter

I was accepted by both Phillips Andover and Phillips Exeter."-Douglass, Phillips Exeter Academy

Boston University after 5/5 AP World History

"I scored 5/5 on AP World History and now I'm at Boston University "- Stathi, Boston UniversityClick to add text, images, and other content

Cornell 4 year scholarship

"I was accepted at Cornell early decision on a full four year scholarship".-Andy, Cornell University



"Thank you,Philip, for teaching my daughter a new way to write." LaGuardia Community College, Parent of 6th grader.


"Your prices are very good and you always send me good people."-  Parent, Manhasset

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