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With  the ELA, now, even third graders have to start to study for the SAT

More and more ELA (English Language Arts exams are looking more like the SATs. Scores on both tests are going down especially because Reading Comprehension is getting harder, more analytical, and more about reading between the lines. That's why even third graders have to start to prepare for the SATs, now. 

Now, the ELA, like the SAT, is an Endurance Test. 

The SAT is a grueling 3 1/2 hour exam that requires constant focus and concentration from high school juniors and seniors and counts more towards college entrance than anything besides grade point average.

   And now, NYS elementary school students are under similar pressure with an extra passage and extended time frames for ELA and Math exams that affect their academic futures.

   Philip's Edge Tutors have experience and strategies to make exams easier to help students get through these trying tests and perform at highest levels necessary.

 English Language Arts Test-Taking Tips

Our certified reading, writing and literacy specialists report that the NYS ELA and Math Assessments will be getting even more demanding this spring 2011.  There will be an additional passage on Part 1 of the ELA and students will sit for a longer period of time. While the ELA and NYS Math assessments do not "officially  count" , they are important indicators of your child's strengths and weaknesses.  They reflect the fundamentals that are required to meet with success on the Regents and SATs.  It is never too early to instill strong study skills and test taking tactics. We can help your child stretch his/her attention span and focus in order to build up the stamina that NYS now requires for success.  We can practice good test taking strategies and start building a rich vocabulary.  We  can also teach writing skills from idea to outline, or web, to rough draft through to final copy. In addition, we suggest you employ some of the following study guides so that you know where your child stands.

These study guides can also help your student prepare for the Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth, a program that can lead to a Rhodes Scholarship. Your son or daughter can get on that road starting as early kindergarten. To get into the CTY program, he or she needs to do well on SCAT Tests designed by Johns Hopkin's CTY Program. On their website, there are sample mini-tests that you can ask your student to take to see if he or she is "in the neighborhood".  Philip's Edge Tutors can help prepare your student for the real SCAT using similar tests from the study books like the ones on this page. The books contain page after page of multiple choice answers from reading passages, analogies, math and other helpful topics. Preparing from more advanced study guides can help younger students get ahead of his or her peers and be better prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.


"My daughter scorred a perfect 4/4 on the ELA." -Mother of New Hyde Park M.S. student

"My son got accepted to the Johns Hopkins CTY Program. I know you taught him how to write." -Mother of Manhasset M.S. student


 "Thank you for working with my daughter. She scored a perfect 4 on the ELA." - mother of a Manhasset 6th Grader.


"My parent-teacher conference was fabulous. A. is doing beautifully in her reading and writing, thanks to you." -Mother of a Manhasset 2nd Grader

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